Monday, January 31, 2011

We're building a Ryan Home

This isn't new news, it was actually decided a month ago today.  We've been so busy the last couple of months deciding whether to buy or build, then once we decided to build, we had to determine which model Ryan made sense for us.  Sparing you the lengthy and boring details, we decided on the Ravenna because of its standard 9 foot ceilings, large bedrooms, first floor office - and most of the all - the kitchen/morning room/familyroom area.  The model is fairly new to our area, and would actually be the first one built in the community we are moving to. 

The part I was not looking forward during this process was selling our current home.  It turns out my worrying was a waste of time as our house sold in 4 days.  So our lumber was to be ordered today and our pre-construction meeting will be scheduled soon.  I hope to utilize this site to document the process and also to help others who are considering building with Ryan as well.  I found other blogs to be very informative for me, so I'm doing my part in paying it forward. 

Thanks for stopping by.