Saturday, February 26, 2011

Foundation Walls and Neighbors

I was able to run over to the lot today and grab some pictures of the foundation walls without the forms on them:
                       The view from the road of the front of the house

Our front stoop

The view from the back, on the right is where the egress window will be

I'm still having trouble picturing the layout of where everything will be.  The model we walked through twice was the mirror image (complete opposite) of what our house will be.  That, combined with the fact that the layout online is also the mirror image as well, makes it hard for me to picture where everything is going to be.  But basically, my office on the first floor will be right over where the egress window is, and the small window is under the morning room.  The slider will be on that other side, which is why we placed the egress where we did.  We didn't want to have a fire escape exit underneath where a deck will eventually be.  That would kind of defeat the purpose.  The rough-in for the bathroom in the basement is towards the front/middle of the house, or in the last picture, about where you see that pile of materials.  The mechanicals (furnace, electrical panel, sump pump, water heater) will all be on the left side of that picture too.  The idea was to make that area storage, and leave the rest to eventually be finished in a way that prevents us from having to work around those things.  That's also why we placed the windows where we did, to make sure they'd be in the portion of the basement that was eventually going to be the living area.

The other thing that happened today was that I met one of our neighbors.  I happened to be talking to one of my neighbors (here where my current home is) the other day and she mentioned her son lives in what will be our new development.  As we were leaving today, I happened to see her outside what was her son's house so I stopped by to say hello and meet him.  It turns out that he also has 2 boys, aged 4 and 2 (our kids are also 4 and 2), but even more exciting for our daughter was that she goes to pre-school with his older son.  Marisa was very excited about the fact that he's in our neighborhood (about 8 houses up from us).  We were told that there were a lot of couples our age with young children in the neighborhood, so it was nice to see that was the case already.  Where we are now, our street is not only much busier than the new neighborhood, but it's also an older community.  There are a lot of families who have kids in high school, college, or who are already grown with kids of their own.  I'm hoping the entire community is full of Mets fans too, but that probably won't be the case.


  1. I know what you mean about the mirror-image being difficult to picture. I actually took our floorplan images and pasted them into paint and then used the option to "flip horizontal" so I could see the flow. It reverses the words and everything so it's not real useful for dimensions at that point,but I found it helpful in visualizing the layout.

  2. Shara...that is exactly what I was going to suggest. We were having the same problem. The models we have visited are the mirror image so pictures we have taken often are confusing. The good thing is that the online plans and our home will sit the same way.

    It is great to have kids and families in the neighborhood the same age. Everyone tends to interact block parties and such.

    As for the Mets, I won't hold that against you...go Phillies!!!

  3. Crap, I have no idea where our egress window will be. Didn't even think about that with the deck.

    I kinda wish our house was the mirror image of the model, but tis not the case.

  4. On second thought, if I'm looking at our foundation pics right, the egress window will probably be on the side of the house. Since it looks like all of the other walls that have been completed are the same height. I will be sure to ask our PM this.

  5. You're going to have a great house. Good call about the egress window. We didn't have the forethought to do that. Luckily, my landscaper friend has already designed a two-tier patio for us and a stone wall to go around the egress well. While that probably won't be utnil next summer, I'm already super excited about it!
    I'm so happy you'll be in a neighborhood with so many kids. We don't have any yet, but that was important to me when we were looking at plans. Can't wait to see your hosue progress!