Friday, February 25, 2011


I received a call from our Project Manager this morning who makes it a habit to call every Friday with an update of the progress they've made, and an outline of what to expect in the coming days/weeks.  He said that they have finished the foundation walls and will remove the forms today. 

The next steps are as follows:

- Tuesday the waterproofing of the foundation walls will occur
- Wednesday morning the inspector comes out and signs off on the work
- Wednesday afternoon they backfill (push all the dirt in and up against the walls)
- Thursday lumber arrives
- Friday/Monday framing starts, and based on the size of the house and the crew he has on the job, they should be done within 7-10 days after that

I was going to try and grab some exciting pictures (sarcasm) of the foundation walls but we got hit with a storm today.  Perhaps I'll grab some this weekend.

Nonetheless, based on this schedule, we should have a completely framed out house in only about 2-2.5 weeks from now.  It's starting to feel real and all of this hard work is about to pay off.


  1. We're a few days behind you. I spoke to our PM yesterday and he said our lumber will be there March 7 and they'll start framing the next day. Next week we'll start looking for inspectors.

  2. That's so exciting! I hope our PM will give us a weekly's nice having an idea of what to expect and look for. Looking forward to seeing your exciting pictures!

  3. 2011 - First one done wins a 6-pack of their choice from the other.

    Jennlp - Yeah, I like that our PM makes it a habit to call every Friday with the updates and what to expect in the coming days/weeks.