Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Few Missed Items, Wasted Space and a Suggestion

We had our meeting yesterday, getting our first "formal" walk through, and confirming where exactly we'd like our cable/phone hook-ups to be within the house.  Everything went great, outside of a couple of small details we had requested that had been missed.  For example, we had asked beforehand that one of the switches in the diningroom be moved to the other side of the doorway which wasn't, and the extra outlet we had asked be installed out front was being put in the wrong spot.  Our PM was going to contact the electrician about those couple of small items.

The plumbing is done, the electrical is run throughout the entire house, the only piece remaining there is to connect the wiring to the panel itself.  That will be done within the next day or so, and then the inspectors come in to do their thing.  The garage floor and basement are going to be poured soon (might have even happened today). Once the inspectors come, they'll insulate this week, and drywall begins on Monday.  As it stands now, they actually are a couple of days ahead of schedule (looking right around 5/1 at this point).

We had noticed some seemingly wasted space upstairs in between the two bedrooms where the cold air returns run into each of the rooms respectively.  It's hard to explain without having taken a picture, but it's an area the size of a linen closet (maybe 5 feet wide) in between the two closets that the ducts for the cold air return sit on the floor of.  Everything above it, up to the ceiling, is wasted and unused space.  It was explained to us that this floor plan of the Ravenna, which is a more popular model down south, utilized this area to house all the duct work for the furnace, pipes for the water heater, etc.  I guess everyone down there keeps that stuff in the attic as opposed to a basement like us northerners.  You learn something new everyday I suppose.  I wish they could simply frame out the unused portion and expand our closets a bit, but they aren't allowed to deviate from the blueprints.  Perhaps it will be a project for me many years down the road...

Lastly, if there is anyone out there who is considering building and plans on finishing their basement after the fact, I strongly recommend taking the time to try and make sure that all of your mechanicals, if possible, are together on one side.  I took a lot of time with our PM at the pre-construction meeting trying to figure out what portion we'd eventually be finishing, and making sure our furnace, sump pump, electrical panel, and water heater were all together in what will be our storage area.  Luckily, based on where the electrical was coming into the house and where the the furnace was, everything else was able to fall into place.  When we walked through the basement yesterday, it was nice to see that there was absolutely nothing we would need to hide or work around when finishing off the basement.

That's it for now, hopefully I'll have more updates soon including some new pictures.


  1. Good catch with those minute details. Thanks for your advice regarding the basement..

  2. You have a great PM who knows his floorplans well. Great tip about finishing the basement. We looked at that and where the bathroom rough in would go. One episode of Bang for your buck on HGTV was about finished basements. One couple added a bedroom, like we plan to, but it was clear across the other side from the bathroom. I made sure that rough in was in a convenient place.

    Fortunately for us we did not have to move anything different from what is on the prints.

  3. We added a 3-piece rough-in to the basement as well, and we were able to convince the PM to slide it towards the front of the house to meet our desire for it's location and to maximize our space.

  4. All of our stuff is on one side....just in case we wanted to finish the unfinished side... :)

  5. Hello from a fellow New Yorker! We just started the building/blogging process so I can't wait to read more from your blog! Great advice about the basement, as we plan on finishing ours one day as well.