Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lots of Progress and Pics

Took the wife and kids over to the house tonight for their first walk through.  I know we aren't supposed to be snooping around yet, but what can they expect?  Things are coming along nicely, it looks like all the duct work and plumbing are done.  They also started the electrical today and it appears they made a lot of progress with that.  The fans are in the bathrooms as well as the canisters for the lights, and many of the boxes for the switches and plugs have been run.  The shingles on the roof were half way done as of Tuesday, I would have expected them to have finished it by today, especially since it was over 60 degrees here in NY, but for some reason the other half is still unfinished.  Hopefully it'll get done before any more rain passes through.  Here are some pictures, I can't get any of the back as of yet because it's way too muddy from all of the melted snow.

                                                 Isn't she glorious?   

                                               Finish the roof already!

                           View from the kitchen into the morning room

                           Looking into the familyroom from the kitchen

 Where our kitchen and morning room will be, 1st floor office is beyond that

                                    Upstairs, 2nd bath (kids bathroom)

                                                    Master Suite

            Master bath - shower, toilet and walk-in closet are to the right

   The Dynamic Duo, Marisa and Noah, trying to lay claim to the same room


  1. Looks great! I'm so glad you upgraded your master bath. That's my one big regret. Your kids are beyond adorable.

  2. I love the pic of the kids. Your house is glorius :-)

  3. House looks great!!! Gorgeous kids!!

  4. It still amazes how fast the houses go from just a foundation to a full structure. It looks great.

  5. You're house looks great! What floor plan?
    Looks like our houses are at the same stage, it's so exciting!

  6. Wow the house is just unbelievable! The basement is huge! Your kids are soooo cute. =)

  7. The house is awesome! Your kids are soo cute! Did they eventually pick their separate rooms? haha.

  8. Thank you all.

    FM - We are building a Ravenna.

    Stephanie - I think you are maybe referring to the picture of what is actually our family room?

    S & B - Thanks, we are still deciding which room makes sense for each of them, then we'll try to steer each of them accordingly in the right direction.