Friday, March 25, 2011

They locked me out!

No more late night excursions.  I went over to the house tonight to take a peek, and the garage door is on, as well as the service entry door.  The front door has also had its doorknob put on, so I am no longer able to get in and poke around.  The downside of progress I suppose...

The PM called today and stated that the insulation is done, as well as the required inspections.  The couple of electrical errors/oversights have been corrected.  The drywall has been delivered and they will begin that tomorrow and finish it up sometime next week.  The basement and garage floors have been poured, and the siding will be delivered on Tuesday, so they will begin that next week as well.  By next Friday he should also be able to pin down the target date for completion, which should be somewhere around 5/1.  I'll add a few pictures tomorrow that I was able to take tonight.  I was hoping to get some more of the inside, but obviously that didn't happen.  I did walk through the mud to grab some of the back of the house.


  1. Like you said, it's the price for progress. Our front door doesn't have a doorknob yet (thanks for brining that up) so I can still poke around.

    Looks like we'll be closing buddies. Our PM confirmed our pre-settlement and closing date yesterday.

  2. Locking you out just means your house is getting closer and closer to completion. Before you know it the day will arrive and you will be all moved in! I think its exciting that it is now locked. :)

  3. Don't worry your little head soon enough you will be locking them out.