Friday, April 1, 2011

Updated Pics & Closing Date

We had a walk-through today and the house looks much different inside and out now that it's almost completely sided the drywall is complete.  For the first time we were able to get a real feel for the house and its size, and we are loving the 9' ceilings.  Everything looks great and is on track.  One of the front windows got a crack in it, but our PM had warned us that on every house at least one window gets broken during the building process.  They'll finish up the siding today and tomorrow, then next week it's painting, the tile work, and then the cabinets.  Everything is moving along very quickly and we are extremely excited.  We also got a letter from Ryan today stating that our projected closing date will be the same date as our pre-settlement, which is 4/29.  The only bit of bad news today was that the rates went up for the first time in a while due to the good news with the economy and the jobs report that came out today.  Hopefully they'll dip back below 5% so we can lock in next week.  Here are some of the updated pictures from today:

         Ladies and gentlemen, making her blog debut, my beautiful wife Lisa!


  1. The house is looking awesome!!!!! Hey Lisa!!!

  2. House looks great!!

    With the crisis in Japan (think about how many plants shut, parts, ect... that is going to have an effect of a great number of products, thus sales of things...thus the econonmy), I wouldn't think the economy would jump too much in a good direction in the next few months. I hope you rate drops again!

  3. I'm so excited for you guys. I love the windows in the owner's bedroom.

    Hi Lisa :-)

  4. I especially like the soaking tub and think the window above it adds soo much class! The tub is my favorite part... Can you tell I like tubs haha.

    The outside of your house looks GREAT!!!!!

  5. Looks great. I love how the staircase is by the family room and kitchen - that's a very cool layout.

  6. The house looks great! Love the siding color. Yeah, we've been anxious about the interest rate too..keeping our fingers crossed.