Thursday, April 7, 2011


Our PM called with his weekly status update:

- They finished the tiled floors in the upstairs bathrooms.
- All the vinyl flooring is in.
- Trim and baseboard goes in tomorrow.
- They will do the tiling in the master bath next week, which includes around the soaking tub and the shower walls.
- Cabinets go in tomorrow.
- They paint Monday and Tuesday.
- Then in the middle to the end of next week it's lights, fixtures, toilets, etc..

Based on that information, I'm a little surprised our pre-settlement and closing is 4/29.  What's left to do after that?  Carpeting? Grading of the yard?  No complaining here though.  I'd rather wonder why it's not sooner, then wonder why it's taking so long.

We plan on getting another walk-through during the middle to end of next week.  In the meantime, it's more packing and storing...


  1. Don't forget all the cleaning and sprucing up that has to happen too, but it does sound like they are running ahead of schedule.

  2. Interesting.....By the time you get to pre-settlement everything should basically be completed. At least to my understanding the pre-settlement is the final walk-thru where the PM will take you through the entire house and go over how everything works (switches and such), where everything is located, final touch-ups taking place, etc. it's where you can take your time and point out any final touch-ups so when closing occurs, hopefully everything is to your liking. I thought closing would have 3-4 biz days after pre-settlement but maybe that is just in the community we are building.

  3. We were told our closing would be a couple of business days after the pre-settlement too, but then they went ahead and scheduled it for the same day. Maybe some sort of push to close by month's end on their part.

  4. WOW!! So close! Very exciting!!

  5. Great progress!!! will look forward to your future posts on what would be done in the next couple of weeks..

  6. We are at the same stage, but most of the trim and cabinets are already in and our closing date is 5/6 which puzzles me. It's fine though, but who knows whats going to take another month. I look forward to seeing some pics!

  7. I thought the same thing, but they were really working up until the last day, just little stuff, but they were still in there.